Bespoke architectural flooring


Dofine Exclusive Design – The Farm

Dofine is a creative design agency specialized in wall and floor finishes. We work in the higher segment of the interior world and work together with well-known Dutch (interior) designers / architects and suppliers from Europe. In addition to floor and wall designs, Dofine also designs complete interiors in collaboration with our design team and other designers.

A specialized team of applicators and designers knows how to transform any wall into a true work of art. Dofine’s design office is constantly looking for inspiration to come up with new unique products and designs. Inspiration is drawn from international trade fairs, travel and the smallest things in everyday life around us.

Wonderwall Studios – The Farm

We are still salvaging wood. We keep looking for abandoned houses, dilapidated sheds, discarded railway tracks, remnants, wine barrels, old floors … Anything goes really, as long as it is salvaged. We will never compromise, because we want to stay true to our motto, which is not just to give salvaged wood a second life, but a better one. A much better life, because we want our products to last a lifetime.

To create cheerful panelling from leftover wood that enriches surfaces and upgrades your interiors. We aim for the highest quality to produce panelling that will last a lifetime.

Alphenberg – Showroom partner

In the beginning Alphenberg Leather started with the application of leather on floors but the diversity of the products and applications has developed enormously. There are hardly any restrictions. In the successfully finished projects, we not only see leather-covered walls, stairs, doors, fireplace walls and kitchens, but also leather carpets and made to measure applications. The many projects and elements in the showroom perfectly demonstrate that leather, without question, fits into any interior.

B&G Audio | Video | Domotica – Showroom partner

For 20 years, B&G has been a company that passionately builds the most extensive operating systems, home theaters and audio systems for a wide range of customers. Whether it concerns a luxury villa, a holiday home on Texel or a second home abroad, due to the enormous amount of experience, every assignment is within the possibilities of B&G.

The strength of B&G lies in optimally meeting your wishes in the field of home automation. This can vary from very simple to very complicated, there is a suitable answer for every wish.


InteriorMX is a group of interior specialists with a mission. In principle, all InteriorMX specialists have their own field of expertise, but they also know the products and methods of the partners. As a result, the lines within the collaboration are short and they can effortlessly anticipate each other’s work, complement each other and efficiently implement changes or adjustments to the interior plan.

The expertise of interiorMX can be found in the field of wall and floor finishing, lighting, doors, domotics, fireplaces, kitchens, wellness. They have years of experience with total concepts commissioned by architects and designers for luxury villas, dream homes, chic apartments, converted farms and stately mansions, offices, studios and of course catering.