Bespoke architectural flooring

Curved Flooring

Unique curved edge wooden floor

We manufacture naturally
curved hardwood flooring
that follow a tree’s
natural growth

It wasn’t nature that created straight floorboards: it were the limitations of technology. With the help of digital scanning and our algorithm software we are able to produce bespoke wooden floors where we conserve the original organic shape of the tree and use virtually all wood from our trees. 

The result is beautiful natural flooring, efficient use of the wood of the tree and floors that are each unique in itself. We manufacturer totally bespoke wood flooring, every Bolefloor is unique, ever floorboard is unique. We are not using a repeating module.


Our floors are manufactured in limited editions and are always custom-made. Just like a fingerprint or a retina is unique to each person, so is the curved floor for each project.

Each curved floor is tailor-made per the customer’s request and test-assembled before shipping, to ensure the highest quality and a perfect match.

Installation plan

Specialized software analyzes the space and the available planks of wood to determine the most aesthetic and functional arrangement of the floor. This digital optimization is crucial for utilizing the natural shapes of each plank. The result is a detailed floor plan that indicates how the planks can best be arranged.

Quality Grades

No sapwood
No filled knots
Healthy knots max 15mm

Sapwood can be present
Healthy knots 
Dark knots max 15mm

Sapwood can be present
Healthy knots
Dark knots
Cracks max 5mm wide
All cracks filled with epoxy

Technical Information

Regarding dimensions, it is always varying. Each plank is unique. This also means that it has no fixed length/width dimensions. Widths range from 12-40cm, lengths up to 3 meters.

Our floors are 17.5mm thick, consisting of 5.5mm oak toplayer and 12mm exterior birch plywood. 

With our unique approach, we customize the floor of your dreams. We start with the floor plan, upon which we create a drawing of your space. Through precise calculation of the required square meters, we ensure a perfect fit for your floor. 
Let us transform your ideas into a stunning, tailor-made floor.

Wood Types