bespoke architectural flooring



regular plank

plank floors are available in various widths between 140-500 mm. standard lengths are 1000-2400 mm. we create floors either in fixed width, or in mixed widths to create more liveliness

extra large and wide plank

a wider and longer for a distinctive look in well-appointed residences. extra wide and long planks can be produced up to 500 mm width in lengths up to 4500 mm. we usually create these floors in mixed widths.

Roomlength plank up to 15 meters in length

From carefully selected logs we manufacture roomlength planks for a distinctive and extraordinary look. Full roomlength planks up to 15 meters length and 500 mm width both unify and distinguish a room.

Parquet wood flooring

Parquet encompasses pattern flooring like herringbone, chevron and various other patterns. Parquet wood floors are increasingly more popular due to their ability to combine a traditional pattern with a more contemporary look.

Bespoke panel flooring

We have an unprecedented collection of bespoke handmade panels often based on historic patterns present in ancient historic buildings. All the patterns are individually made by hand by unique craftsmen